[RC5] Help please with DNETC.EXE -switches

Timofey Spirin boroda at borlas.ru
Thu Mar 16 09:50:40 EST 2000

Good day(morning? night? :)

> C:\"Program Files"\DNET\DNETC.EXE -shutdown -quiet
Here you must make some pause because client can't shutdown
immediately (it need 1-2 seconds I think) and xcopy starts _before_
> XCOPY \\server\share\filestocopy C:\"Program Files"\DNET /s
ECHO Ver 2.8007.458>>>%windir%\28007458.VER
> C:\"Program Files"\DNET\DNETC.EXE -install -quiet
> C:\"Program Files"\DNET\DNETC.EXE -hide

Best regards. Timofey Spirin.

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