[RC5] New subscriber notes and queries

Steve Clark sclark at pilat.com
Thu Mar 16 16:57:04 EST 2000


I've just joined this list although I've been running the client for around
9 months now. I started off alone, but have gradually persuaded some work
colleagues to take part as well. We're now contributing around 3.5GHz of
Pentium which equates to about 0.004% of the daily key rate! They're not all
running 27/7. Who are these people who manage 200,000+ blocks a day?

I've given up on the announcements list as I never seemed to get anything
from it. I'm hoping this list will tell me about client updates, new
projects and any problems arising. Up to now I've generally found out from

Is there any news on OGR restarting? Are there any estimates on how long it
might take? I know there's money available for RC5, but I'm not sure it's
really proving much apart from the viability of distributed computing. It
currently looks like it could 8 years to scan the whole key space, but you
never know, we might find it in only 4 ;-) In the mean time we'll keep
cracking. I do like to see myself shooting up the rankings.

Somewhere in London

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