[RC5] Lousy Mac 2.8007-458 performance

Eno Jon enojon at delphi.com
Sat Mar 18 23:37:51 EST 2000

I've noticed the same; my observations are that the former GUI client allowed
manipulation of the priority of the client while 2.800x [SIOUX] does not.  Also,
MacOS 8+ prevents the "foreground, dominating" process assignment of
MacOS 7.5-7.6.

To compare 2.7x gave me 753k keys/sec vs approx 590-620k keys/sec -- on
604e/200, although it still shames similar frequency Intel processors.

mattw at winternet.com wrote:

> I have been using the Mac GUI client version 2.7105.432, and get ~890kk/sec.  I have downloaded the latest clients as they come out, but none of the 2.8x clients get very good performance.  The latest client I have (2.8007-458) only gets ~620kk/sec.  Any other Mac users out there have similar slowdowns, or have an answer for this?    OS 8.6 on a Beige G3/266.
> Matt
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