[RC5] Lousy Mac 2.8007-458 performance

Kevin Elliott k-elliott at wiu.edu
Wed Mar 22 00:00:49 EST 2000

>I have no idea why, logically the newer, graphic-lacking version should
>be faster.
>I'm still using the second to last GUI version (the last one that had a
>gui and you could specify how many blocks to download and upload). Since
>I don't have a G4, the speedups for Altivec would do nothing for me.
>So, as long as they leave the protocols the same, and RC5-64 is still
>going on, there's not really any reason to downgrade to the text client.

Actually their is another simpler explanation I remember reading 
somewhere and that was that the new command line client lacks the 
custom scheduling code that was in the last GUI client.  Without that 
code the performance is EXTREMELY erratic- I've seen everything from 
a peak of ~3.7Mkeys/sec to a low of 800Kkeys/sec under the same basic 
load (and in some circumstances even when the machine was "idle"). 
This continues when the app is in the foreground.  Under heavier load 
I've even seen key rates of around 100Kkeys/sec even when the apps 
were not CPU intensive.

Kevin "The Cubbie" Elliott 
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