[RC5] ProcessTree Info

Adam Zilinskas AZilinskas at SolutionsIQ.com
Thu Mar 23 12:46:36 EST 2000

Supposedly a pay for your idle CPU cycle thing.

I sort of bumped into this while I
 was looking for Webcams for Kingdome implosion
 and a site had a sign up link on it.

First things I found that they exspect to have some code
  ready on May,2000 and second it has all the feel of
  yet another bizarre internet pyramid scheme.

Here is a clip from their web page:
"...You will get a bonus percentage of the
  payments that go to the Partners that you signed up. ..."

So far I am suggesting to NOT sign up. I just want to know
  if aybody else in the list knows any more of this scheme/scam.

                  Adam Zilinskas
                  Solutions IQ
                  azilinskas at solutionsiq.com

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