[RC5] When to Fetch Work ?

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Fri Sep 8 21:05:08 EDT 2000

I'm running OGR-25 off-line, meaning the dnetc program can't just
fetch work anytime it wants to.  But it is hard for me to estimate
when the current work will be finished -- the smallest single stub
(unit of work) I have been given had 8 billion nodes, whereas the
largest single stub (unit of work) I've been given had THIRTY-FIVE
times as much work to do !!    Is there some way for me to PLAN how
long it will take to process a given number (say 10) of OGR-25 units ?

Also, last year the software used its input buffers in LIFO fashion,
meaning that if new input was fetched *before* the input buffer was
exhausted, that new work was placed ahead of the work still there --
meaning the bottom unit in the input queue might stay unprocessed
"forever".  Does the software still use its input buffers as LIFO ?


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