[RC5] Intel shows the way

Jerome Lamarque jlamarque1 at cybercable.fr
Thu Sep 7 03:43:59 EDT 2000

Hi Everyone,

À (At) 9:10 -0500 5/09/2000, Ron Johnson, Jr. écrivait (wrote) :
>Blain Nelson wrote:
> >
> > ENOJON at delphi.com wrote:
> > And I don't really know why I've been prioritized to work on OGR instead
> > of RC5.
>In "dnet --config", choose options 2, then 9 (which is
>"Load-work precedence".  I have that option set to
>"RC5,DES=0,CSC=0,OGR=0", so that it will only work on RC5-64,
>and do nothing on OGR.

Pff, far too much to type for a lazy man like me.

In "dnet --config", choose options 2, then 9 (which is still 
"Load-work precedence". Just type "RC5" without the quotes, and 
that's all.
Having just set RC5, it won't work on the other projects.

CUL8er in the dumpster.

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