[RC5] OGR statistics

Steve Clark sclark at pilat.com
Mon Sep 11 13:04:38 EDT 2000

According to daa's .plan:

	As of 23:59 09-sept-2000 there were 1,411,351 unique OGR-25 stubs
            returned, out of 12,207,683, or 9.28% complete

	As of 23:59 09-sept-2000 all but 11 unique OGR-24 stubs had been returned
	and about 48% had valid pass-2 returns

What exactly does this means and how do unique stubs relate to giganodes
processed, if at all?

It's been said before, but I'm sure we'd all appreciate a little more
feedback on what's happening. I've recruited about a dozen people to the
cause, but they need to know what they are doing to keep them interested.


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