[RC5] Linux OGR code not optimized?

Martin Schröder ms at artcom-gmbh.de
Thu Sep 14 13:29:59 EDT 2000

I just noted this madness (machine is a PII/400)
- Linux native¹ gives 1,886,314.89 nodes/sec
- NT4² in VMWare under Linux gives 2,402,656.63 nodes/sec.

Does VMWare just screw the clock or is the Linux code poorly
optimized? Apparently it is, as
shows 2,508,889 nodes/sec for a PII/400.

Btw: The speed for RC5 is the same for both platforms.

Best regards

¹ dnetc v2.8010-463-CTR-00071321 for Linux (Linux 2.0.36)
² dnetc v2.8010-463-CTR-00071214 for Win32 (Windows NT 4.0)
                  Martin Schröder, MS at ArtCom-GmbH.DE
            ArtCom GmbH, Grazer Straße 8, D-28359 Bremen
           Voice +49 421 20419-44 / Fax +49 421 20419-10

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