[RC5] Packet Lifetime

Tom Ribbens webmaster at multi-air.com
Fri Aug 10 01:28:07 EDT 2001

Mike Henry wrote:

> OGR-24 started 392 days ago, but it's just dribbling along. It's sad and
> depressing to watch, and I don't think it's good for distributed.net.
> Only 8 people submitted work yesterday according to the stats page.
> We are being held to ransom by a few people with slow machines (I blame
> the client for having a default which causes you to download FAR too
> much OGR work) - it'll be months before they submit all the blocks they
> are holding.
> Please, please, PLEASE can't we just say enough is enough, recycle the
> remaining OGR-24 blocks, finish it off, and give it a dignified burial?

Here's a question that i never have seen asked, but might be intresting 
to know about the recycling:
How much work is it to recycle those OGR-24 stubs? I mean both 
administrative (as in live humans jobs) and computionally (generation of 
the list of stubs to hand out again).

> Cheers
> Mike


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