[RC5] Packet Lifetime

Mike Henry dnetc at mrtickle.demon.co.uk
Tue Aug 14 20:46:15 EDT 2001

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001 21:23:23 -0500, Bruce Wilson wrote:

[How much work is it to recycle OGR-24]

Thanks very much for posting this. I have read before about lack of free
time etc (and I know all too well ;( ) but it's very helpful to see such
a breakdown of what the problems are.

>With tally as fragile as it is, and blower still in flux (we're waiting
>on Sybase for an answer),

ok. I assume those are two machines - you see, I didn't know about those
hardware problems before my little rant last week... 

>we haven't had a good option for performing
>all the processing.  blower is functional enough that we could attempt
>the processing, but then personal schedules have also become a limiting
>factor.  For much of the OGR project, Daa has been the only person with
>the skills, ability and availability to perform all this processing, but
>his availability has been severely limited as of late.  He recently
>explained the process to me and gave me his scripts, but I have lacked
>(and still lack) the "availability" part of the equation.

Would it be worth summarising the above on the News section of the
website? For the casual visitor, they may read the stuff about the
projects, then look at the stats and think "hmm, what's going on here". 

Or someone with the client installed who isn't on this list perhaps is
wondering where to look for info like this.

I would offer to help myself if I could, but after reading about some of
the cutting edge SQL optimisations in the .fingers over the last few
years I think it's a bit beyond me ;)

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