[RC5] Stop OGR24

Peter Cordes peter at llama.nslug.ns.ca
Tue Aug 14 19:01:39 EDT 2001

On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 08:58:42PM +0400, Skeeve wrote:
> Don't you guys think that it's enough to wait for several blocks?
> Who cares if several people would not rise from 3000-th place in overal
> stats to 2995?
> Personally, among other computers I have one SGI workstation. Once it
> downloaded an OGR stub and it took more then a month to finish it. I can
> stand that the one it's processing now is lost, but can't stand that OGR24
> is lasting more then a year, when it could be done 6 month ago.
> Pretty please with a piece'o'sugar let's finish OGR-24.

 I wouldn't be surprised if some of the stubs that are still out there
are ones that take a lot longer than average to finish.  (some of the
non-reissued stubs are certainly due to people dropping out of d.net,
and/or downloading too many work units on a slow computer, but that
might not be the only reason.)  If we re-issued all of the not-done
work units, we might end up with a couple computers working on each
long-running work unit, instead of just one.

 One possible solution I can think of is to issue 7-stubs instead of
6-stubs, so as to further divide up the work.  Would this work?  (or
would most of the work be confined to one of the 7-stubs in the
6-stub, so it wouldn't matter?)  Would this require to much storage on
the keymaster, etc.?

 Just how long can the longest work-units take?  A month?  A few
months?  (on a PII 300, for example.)  How short are the shortest
packets?  Does anyone at d.net have the data to figure this out?
(please and thank you :)

 I suppose a whole bunch of people are going to want to reply to this
with war stories.  Lets not generate too much traffic, ok?

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