[RC5] Stop OGR24

Jeroen v.d.burg at planet.nl
Wed Aug 15 19:29:20 EDT 2001

> One possible solution I can think of is to issue 7-stubs instead of
>6-stubs, so as to further divide up the work.  Would this work?  (or
>would most of the work be confined to one of the 7-stubs in the
>6-stub, so it wouldn't matter?)  Would this require to much storage on
>the keymaster, etc.?

If i remember correct it's something like this,
Assume the stub is 1-2-4-3-6-5 and the sub stubs add 7-12 to it (not sure if it's a possible one, but good enough for an example)
1-2-4-3-6-5-7	29 %
1-2-4-3-6-5-8	24 %
1-2-4-3-6-5-9	19 %
1-2-4-3-6-5-10	14 %
1-2-4-3-6-5-11	9 %
1-2-4-3-6-5-12	5 %
		100 %

I don't know if the differences are that big and i don't know if it linear or exponential increses, but it's something like this


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