[RC5] Stop OGR24

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Tue Aug 21 14:12:25 EDT 2001

Though it sounds like it would be useful to have a way to return
unprocessed work, in reality this would happen so seldom and with so few
work units that it would hardly be worth it, and would probably make us
vulnerable to people who would rather see us fail than succeed.  This
becomes even less valuable when we start handing the work out a second
time, because someone else still has it, and may be working on it.  If
we accepted the work back from you to hand it out again sooner, we do
that other person an injustice by not giving them a fair chance to
return it.

We know the network loses work units.  It always has, and it always
will.  That's why we're not terribly concerned about recycling - it's
part of the plan before we even start a new project.  When it comes
right down to it, we'd rather work on better ways to hand out work than
invent a work-unit recycling program.

If you're really that concerned about preserving lost work, send it to a
friend so they can -import it to their buffers.

| hehehe, and how about my perproxy?? i know that it received 
| probably 100
| or so OGR keys that will never be sent to any of my client 
| machines for
| processing... how do i know this? it had 20 when i last 
| reconfigured it,
| attempting to turn off it's pulling of the OGR blocks... i deleted the
| buffers 4 or 5 times, at least, before giving up and leaving 
| the last 20
| just sitting there...

| > 
| > How about giving people a place to send back un-wanted work 
| buffers...
| > possibly by e-mail or something.....

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