[RC5] Error in ogr-25 stats

Antonio jenkin at supercable.es
Sat Aug 25 23:14:12 EDT 2001

HI all!

Today I was looking ogr-25 stats and in the main page I saw
"29,910,557 Gnodes were completed yesterday." but then i went to
top 100 pasticipants yesterday and the number one 239995 gnodes and
the sum of the 100 first was 2061419 and I thought it was less than
the necesary to complete the total. So I decided to sum all the
particiants (using the next page botton in the top 100 yesteday page)
and i get 6658658 gnodes. Am I mistake?


Best regards,
 Antonio                          mailto:jenkin at supercable.es

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