[RC5] Dnetc-Virus

Remco Sonnema Remco at raforce.nl
Sat Dec 1 17:56:06 EST 2001

Its all explained on the Norton security page..
The Virus works like this
It installs the dnetc (distributed.net client)..on machines without the
owner knowing anything about it.
That is all it does. the dnetc isn't the virus. it's the payload..
Someone desperately wanted more keys I guess.
For example.. if the virus had spread enough.. and there would be like
10000 infected computers..
Than all those infected computers would crack keys from dnet. And upload
them as if they were from somebody else..
And that person would be on top of the stats within days..!!
Guess it never happened like that..
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Dear Dean, 
one gentleman on the mailing list says that it is old news. Agreed, it
is an old virus. What worries me is that I have no clue as to what
software may be causing this. Can anyone say what might have triggered
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Can't find anything on this at symantec.  Do you have any more
information?  What software did you use to find/remove it?  What
specific software do you think is infected?  From where did you download
that software? 

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Hi all, 
my computer got infected by a virus called 'w32.hllw.beamer'. It looks
like it is attaching itself to dnet, see  <http://www.norton.com/>
www.norton.com. Just to tell you. 



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