[RC5] I think we found our next contest...

Jeff Gilchrist jeffg at cips.ca
Wed Dec 5 21:08:02 EST 2001

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Subject: [RC5] I think we found our next contest...

> DES is being replaced with AES.  We should drop the whole DES thing
> and see if we can crack AES.

Distributed.net only "cracks" DES/RC5 by using brute force.  It would not
make any sense to try to brute force a 128/196/256bit key at this point.
When we cracked DES the last time, it took us along with EFF's Deep Crack
22 hours to find the key.

With a 128bit key, the space is MUCH larger.  If distributed.net could
check all 56bit keys in 1 second, that is crack a DES key in 1 second (we
are not this fast), it will still take 150 trillion years to try all 128
bit keys.  As you can see, none of us would still be around when it

To crack AES right now you would need to find a weakness in the algorithm,
attacking it by a way other than brute force.


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