[RC5] I think we found our next contest...

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Thu Dec 6 11:34:36 EST 2001

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If I recall correctly, the DES cores have been removed from the
client for some time now.

In any case, a new core would mean a *lot* of work, and our current
coders are focusing on fixing problems in the OGR core, adding
optimizations for the Pentium 4 and (soon, I would expect) the G5.

As someone else pointed out with <sarcasm>, we have enough on our
plates, we really need to focus on what is most important.  That
being said, we do think a third project is a good idea.  We're not
sure at this point if RC5-72 is a practical option (64 fits nicely in
two 32-bit registers, 72 would require 3 registers, and there would
be less intrinsic opcodes we could use to manipulate such a
construct).  If we found the key for RC5-64 tomorrow, we want to have
a new project ready to roll out so people who don't like OGR would
still have a choice.

If anyone has any *practical* ideas for a new distributed project, we
would be very interested to hear them.  Please keep the following
criteria in mind:

*  distributed.net uses brute force to solve problems.  The problem
must be solvable by brute force within our lifetimes.

*  The problem must also require more time on the network than would
be required for coding it.

*  The project must be legal.  No "please recover my ZIP file
password" requests, please.

*  The bandwidth requirements must be minimal.  We want to continue
to support "sneakernet" participants.  A project that would require
exchange of data between multiple clients, or constant connections to
a central server are out of the question.

*  As we have learned through OGR, the project should have a
practical mechanism for verifying that a particular unit of work was
completed correctly.

*  The output must be deterministic.  The results should be the same
no matter how many times we try it.

*  Because of the tension resulting from the CSC project, we try not
to pick projects where we will be competing with another team.  On
the other hand, we are very willing to port existing projects to our
platform, or even to merge with other projects that may be having
trouble finding volunteers.  Especially if their coders will join us
to adapt their cores.

Hmm...  /me smells a topic for a .plan
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| Look, I know we're not working on DES currently, and that 
| it's been quite a 
| while since we worked on a DES.  But we still have the stuff 
| all over the 
| place.  I meant to remove DES from the clients, and replace 
| it with AES.

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