[RC5] Some little configuration problem... All seems working for a mounth, but...

David Burg dburg at nero.com
Thu Dec 6 20:46:52 EST 2001


I'm a bit surprized. I already used Dnetc client by the past with no problem
but now it seems something is wrong.

The content of my DNETC.ini file is :

id=dburg at nero.com





(* replace some real numbers)

I am running the dnetc client as service under NT and Win2k for more than a
mounth now on 2 PCs. The dnetc client is visible on the task manager taking
all free CPU time. I have make the -update manually in a dos box, and I
succeeded to connect to the key server, send results and get new keys to
search. All seems perfect.

I still cannot find myself when I search dburg at nero.com into the statistics.

Something is wrong, I do not understand what, I need some help.

Best regards,

David Burg.

Ahead Software AG,

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