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Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Fri Dec 7 09:58:57 EST 2001

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>>I agree that taking on AES is a tall order. I even agree that it is
>>virtually impossible to crack it. But RC5-64 itself is also running
>>for more than two years now. Guess what, it is still doing fine. It
>>is actually doing better than OGR-24.   

>>The point is not so much as seeing it as an impossible thing but
>>rather than the contest amongst the participants. Stats are what a
>>lot of people like about RC5-64 . So from that point of view, you
>>will have lots of stats and a long time lasting project.   

>>So, once RC5-64 is done and if dnet wants to have a go at AES,
>>count me in.   

Hi, Tom.

I think I can safely say we will never attempt AES.  We're in this to
show what distributed computing can achieve.  In the case of RC5-56
and -64, we were showing that the encryption restrictions of the U.S.
Government (and others) were inappropriate.  In the case of AES,
nobody is questioning that the encryption is strong enough, because
it obviously is.

RC5 and CSC were both contests organized by their creators, with a
prize.  Nobody I know is offering a prize for cracking a secret AES

OGR has a useful outcome for the scientific community.  We will have
achieved something by taking on this task.

AES has no prize money, no benefit for completion, and no reasonable
chance of finishing before the heat death of the universe.  (Think
about this:  If you were to try cracking AES by hand, the odds of
finding a correct answer before you die are essentially the same as
the odds for d.net finding it, because in both cases the number we
would try is so small in comparison to the keyspace.)  Taking on AES
would not show what distributed computing can achieve, because we
would never achieve anything.

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