[RC5] Some little configuration problem... All seems working for a mounth, but...

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Fri Dec 7 09:49:04 EST 2001

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| It seems someone had a look at this problem on the server 
| side, because in
| both RC5 and OGR-25 projects there are new statistics for me
| (dburg at nero.com) for yesterday.

Nobody did anything special to "fix" this problem.  If you had just
flushed when you sent that e-mail, you probably didn't give the stats
time to run.  Stats run at 00:00 UTC (something like GMT) each day,
and nothing you submit will be reflected until then.

| Is 1,144 G-Node something matching to 1 day of work for 2 PIII 1
| Ghz computers ? (... And should I ask to help at distributed.net 
| about the work
| units between 22 November and 6 December ?).

I don't know offhand.  Check out http://www.distributed.net/speeds
for some comparisons.

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