[RC5] I think we found our next contest...

Andreas D. Landmark andreas.landmark at noxtension.com
Sat Dec 8 11:17:26 EST 2001

At 07.12.2001 15:58, Bruce Wilson wrote:
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> >>I agree that taking on AES is a tall order. I even agree that it is
> >>virtually impossible to crack it. But RC5-64 itself is also running
> >>for more than two years now. Guess what, it is still doing fine. It
> >>is actually doing better than OGR-24.
> >>The point is not so much as seeing it as an impossible thing but
> >>rather than the contest amongst the participants. Stats are what a
> >>lot of people like about RC5-64 . So from that point of view, you
> >>will have lots of stats and a long time lasting project.
> >>So, once RC5-64 is done and if dnet wants to have a go at AES,
> >>count me in.
>Hi, Tom.
>I think I can safely say we will never attempt AES.  We're in this to
>show what distributed computing can achieve.  In the case of RC5-56
>and -64, we were showing that the encryption restrictions of the U.S.
>Government (and others) were inappropriate.  In the case of AES,
>nobody is questioning that the encryption is strong enough, because
>it obviously is.

For those who has read h2g2, why not attempt to calculate the universal

Has roughly the same timespan as AES would (well about double, but
5 or 10 BILLION, what's the difference?)

That would atleast overshadow the SETI at home project ==

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