[RC5] I think we found our next contest...

Jeramy Ross jeramy at us.inter.net
Sun Dec 9 00:10:48 EST 2001

Just an idea.  I am sure it has been covered many
times on this list in the past, but I will throw it out
there just to see if it does stir interest or other ideas.

If a new contest is being looked for, how about
searching for prime numbers??  I know that on 
.plans part of dnet's site they mention the possibility
of the Mersenne prime search as a future default
project.  It not only is a "scientific" search that 
possibly would prove useful to the mathimatical
community but also to other fields out there as
well.  Primes (Not Mersenne primes in particular
but all prime numbers) are thought to be infinite in 
number meaning that the contest could go on forever..
ie a great default project as it would never have to be
worried about weither or not there is work to be done
or not, AND produces a great number of stats in 
human time as well (IE don't have to wait forever 
(litteraly..as some proposed ideas here lately) 
to see stats pile up).  The search for primes through 
a certain "space" of numbers can take from a few 
hours to a little over a year depending on the type 
of prime search (Type of prime.. and type of search)
and the computer it is being run on. 

Prime number searches are not the only future 
project out there in the world of mathematics.
Just a idea.. the mathematical world yeilds many
fruitful project/contest possiblities.. I am sure that
there are many professors/number nuts sitting 
arround out there with great ideas, but no computer
large enough to tackle the problem.. 

No flames please.. just trying to throw out some other
ideas to float arround in the water..  And I appologize
if this has already been thrown out.. Don't mean to be
repeating things too much!!

Happy cracking to all!

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