[RC5] I think we found our next contest...

rob bernhard cetan_post at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 08:20:33 EST 2001

There are a ton of math-related contests/projects out there. 


If I was to get a wish, it would be that some of these smaller groups
would write cores for dnet clients rather than manage their own
projects on their own.  The problem I see is lag.  It takes so long for
DNETC to move on anything that it's simply not benefical for these
small projects to wait.  They can manage through their email-only
system of check-ins and check-outs with more ease.

--- Jeramy Ross <jeramy at us.inter.net> wrote:
> Just an idea.  I am sure it has been covered many
> times on this list in the past, but I will throw it out
> there just to see if it does stir interest or other ideas.
> If a new contest is being looked for, how about
> searching for prime numbers??  I know that on 
> .plans part of dnet's site they mention the possibility
> of the Mersenne prime search as a future default
> project.  It not only is a "scientific" search that 
> possibly would prove useful to the mathimatical
> community but also to other fields out there as
> well.  Primes (Not Mersenne primes in particular
> but all prime numbers) are thought to be infinite in 
> number meaning that the contest could go on forever..
> ie a great default project as it would never have to be
> worried about weither or not there is work to be done
> or not, AND produces a great number of stats in 
> human time as well (IE don't have to wait forever 
> (litteraly..as some proposed ideas here lately) 
> to see stats pile up).  The search for primes through 
> a certain "space" of numbers can take from a few 
> hours to a little over a year depending on the type 
> of prime search (Type of prime.. and type of search)
> and the computer it is being run on. 
> Prime number searches are not the only future 
> project out there in the world of mathematics.
> Just a idea.. the mathematical world yeilds many
> fruitful project/contest possiblities.. I am sure that
> there are many professors/number nuts sitting 
> arround out there with great ideas, but no computer
> large enough to tackle the problem.. 
> No flames please.. just trying to throw out some other
> ideas to float arround in the water..  And I appologize
> if this has already been thrown out.. Don't mean to be
> repeating things too much!!
> Happy cracking to all!
> Jeramy
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