[RC5] I think we found our next contest...

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Tue Dec 11 11:04:34 EST 2001

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The biggest "lag" for adding new contests is finding someone who
understands the problem posed and is capable of writing a distributed
core for it.  OGR is a fairly complex algorithm to implement compared
to some of these, so I'm optimistic that if we were to find people
who are willing and able to migrate to the d.net structure, we could
do it without much pain.

Your point about the lag for d.net is well made, though.  I apologize
for the part I have played in delays in the past, and I hope I will
be able to be more productive in the future.

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| There are a ton of math-related contests/projects out there. 
| http://www.aspenleaf.com/distributed/distrib-projects.html
| If I was to get a wish, it would be that some of these smaller
| groups would write cores for dnet clients rather than manage their
| own
| projects on their own.  The problem I see is lag.  It takes 
| so long for
| DNETC to move on anything that it's simply not benefical for these
| small projects to wait.  They can manage through their email-only
| system of check-ins and check-outs with more ease.
| --- Jeramy Ross <jeramy at us.inter.net> wrote:
| > Just an idea.  I am sure it has been covered many
| > times on this list in the past, but I will throw it out
| > there just to see if it does stir interest or other ideas.
| > 
| > If a new contest is being looked for, how about
| > searching for prime numbers??  I know that on 
| > .plans part of dnet's site they mention the possibility
| > of the Mersenne prime search as a future default
| > project.  It not only is a "scientific" search that 
| > possibly would prove useful to the mathimatical
| > community but also to other fields out there as
| > well.  Primes (Not Mersenne primes in particular
| > but all prime numbers) are thought to be infinite in 
| > number meaning that the contest could go on forever..
| > ie a great default project as it would never have to be
| > worried about weither or not there is work to be done
| > or not, AND produces a great number of stats in 
| > human time as well (IE don't have to wait forever 
| > (litteraly..as some proposed ideas here lately) 
| > to see stats pile up).  The search for primes through 
| > a certain "space" of numbers can take from a few 
| > hours to a little over a year depending on the type 
| > of prime search (Type of prime.. and type of search)
| > and the computer it is being run on. 
| > 
| > Prime number searches are not the only future 
| > project out there in the world of mathematics.
| > Just a idea.. the mathematical world yeilds many
| > fruitful project/contest possiblities.. I am sure that
| > there are many professors/number nuts sitting 
| > arround out there with great ideas, but no computer
| > large enough to tackle the problem.. 
| > 
| > No flames please.. just trying to throw out some other
| > ideas to float arround in the water..  And I appologize
| > if this has already been thrown out.. Don't mean to be
| > repeating things too much!!
| > 
| > Happy cracking to all!
| > Jeramy
| > 
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