[RC5] How to be sure

Ralph W. Reid III rreid at virtual.sunset.net
Wed Dec 12 09:06:39 EST 2001

John Player fell across a keyboard, resulting in:
>Hi there.
>Recently I found buff-in  file.
>And I have no idea is that buff-in already done by
>myself or not?
>how to test it? 

Look at the size.  Used up buff-in files seem to always contain 8
bytes on the systems I have used.  In any case, if there are any
packets in the file, chances are they have not been processed, since
the packets are moved to a buff-out file when they have been dealt
with.  If the file contains RC5 packets (buff-in.rc5) and it is very
old, chances are that the packets have been redistributed for
handling by some one else.  If the file contains OGR packets
(buff-in.ogr), or if it does not appear to be very old, it is
probably worth giving it a run through dnetc to be sure the packets
get processed.  Of course, if the buff-in file is simply deleted,
the packets will be redistributed eventually anyway, so deletion is
always an option.  I hope my ramblings are helpful.

Have a _great_ day!

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