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No offence, but uh, everyone who actually uses the secret question isn't 
security minded. Just fill in bogus stuff and don't forget your password


> Beware to everyone with a hotmail account.  If your stupid (like myself) it
> isn't too hard for someone to steal your e-mail account and then your DNET
> password/account.  Make sure you make your secret question #VERY# hard to
> guess.
> Jeffrey S. Raber
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> Subject: [RC5] LUCKYBANANA ?
> It appears that the user luckybananas at advalvas.be (373726) has taken over
> my nephew's DNET account (238501) (merged nephew's into that one).
> Nephew been "off the air" because of viral problems.  I was checking my
> team's stats and found the change.
> Please check your teams to see if you have the same problem.
> He is trying to sort out the problem with DNET as we read.
> jackb
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