[RC5] set-it-up

David.Pyke at ca.millwardbrown.com David.Pyke at ca.millwardbrown.com
Tue Dec 18 15:53:33 EST 2001

I dunno, he's got a whacked-out history.  6 months of nothing and then
800,000 blocks.  You'd think that if he was storing them up, most of them
would be duplicates.

http://stats.distributed.net/rc5-64/phistory.php3?id=303210 for those

Hash: SHA1

Most likely, that single member represents a collection of computers.
 As long as you don't want detailed stats by computer, there's no
reason not to use a single e-mail address on multiple computers.

Bruce Wilson <bwilson at distributed.net>
PGP KeyID: 5430B995, http://www.toomuchblue.com/ 

rm -rf /bin/laden  && chmod 0777 /dev/freedom
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