[RC5] how many cheaters?

David.Pyke at ca.millwardbrown.com David.Pyke at ca.millwardbrown.com
Wed Dec 19 13:18:43 EST 2001

That would all be marked as duplicate.

You cheat by hacking the program to mark unchecked blocks as finished as
that one team did.  You just move blocks from in to out and flush as fast as
you can.

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I think you can cheat by making a "backup" of the buf-out file, flushing
work and than "restoring" the old buf-out file, then flushing the old work

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> Hi,
> >I mean we are all happy that we can see the progress of the project but
> >the progress give us nearly correct numbers or are there so many cheaters
> >out that the upper message should say "...in 500 days..." ??
> Cheaters?
> Tom

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