[RC5] Stats suggestion

Pyke, David David.Pyke at CIBC.com
Fri Jan 5 15:54:56 EST 2001

> Perhaps the 30-day average should be computed starting at zero, but
> shouldn't be displayed on a participants stats for 40 or so days.
> But then how do you rank these people (if you want to rank by 
> expavg) ?

I wouldn't want to rank by a weighted average.  That would drive people who
like to check their stats position nuts when they've jumped up in the ranks
based on work X days ago falling out of the average.
> Perhaps the best thing to do is seed their average with the number of
> blocks computed on the second day of working (i.e. their 
> first full day of
> working). 
> There are (?almost) infinite different possible ways to seed...

We could always just seed them based on the overall average blocks (i.e.,
the total blocks done/total participants) that way everybody starts at the
same point ;)

Or just seed them with random numbers and watch the buglist go crazy!
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