[RC5] porting the dnetc client to DEC VAX/VMS 5.5-2 or DEC VAX/OpenVMS 7.2

Dan Sugalski dan at sidhe.org
Sat Jan 6 00:24:18 EST 2001

At 05:01 AM 1/6/01 +0100, Alex Bihlmaier wrote:
>hello there,
>i have detected that there is no client available for
>the DEC VAX-family/VMS.
>Who has ported the Client to DEC Alpha/VMS? I can't find any hints in the 
>package. If there is a little bit feedback, I will put energy in porting 
>the client to this kind of system.

I did the second release of the Dnet client for VMS. It was alpha only 
mainly because that's what I had convenient. I'm not sure you'd get that 
much in the way of keyrate out of a VAX--they're rather old as CPUs go and 
just not all that fast, relatively speaking.


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