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Franklin Eekhout franklin at online.no
Mon Jan 8 15:33:41 EST 2001

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From: "Stephen Berg" <sberg at pangaealink.com>
To: <rc5 at lists.distributed.net>

> I spent a good hour taking the html page and tweaking it so Excel
> could import it in a useful format.  It would be nice to be able to
> just download the .csv file and import into excel.

Mmm, I did a Ctrl-A to mark all, copy, paste into Word, change the space
between days and blocks to a tab with Ctrl-H, Ctrl-A to mark all, copy,
paste into the Excel worksheet replacing the original data. Then did a sort
on the two columns because they are date-reversed re d.nets listing. Erased
the days/formulas not needed and voila!, nice graphs. Took a minute or
two... :-)

Very interesting to see the graphs.

For all you others, this might help.



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