[RC5] MS Proxy : How to get through !

stvernaillen at ge.cokecce.com stvernaillen at ge.cokecce.com
Fri Jan 12 10:07:10 EST 2001


I've had a chat with our Proxy Administrator and I think I know now Why you can
and can't get through !!

The problem is 2 fold.

First there is the authentication bit many people here indicated.
MS Proxy uses a sort of encryption ( for userid & pwd ) . Non -MS applications
can not use that so they have problems.
However there is an option (now) for the Proxy to use clear text authentication.
which solves this problem.
This has to be enabled on the Proxy or the Dnet client can not get through.

This was enabled here but still I did not get through, why :

This has to do with your user rights.
My ID for the NT domain let me pass through the server to surf ... but for some
stuff ( apparently like dnet) you have to have 'local logon' to the proxy
( don't ask why , how,... he was not to sure either)I tried with his id , which
has this right and the client connected immediatly.
All that I need to do is thus to convince the security people to add me to that
particular group in the NT domain authentication .

I hope this was helpful for some people.
If anyone has experience as to describe Dnet as a Business Critical Application,
I'd be glad to hear from them ! :)


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