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Dan Oetting dan_oetting at qwest.net
Mon Jan 29 10:35:38 EST 2001

on 1/29/01 9:46 AM, Basil A. Daoust wrote:

>My biggest pet peeve against the distributed.net stats is why everyone is
>classed the same.
>	We have some mainframes running the client, we have midranges run the 
>we have admins run the clients on entire university campus lans and we 
>have the
>guy at how with a few computers.
>	Yet we are all reported equally, or should I say unequally.  How can I 
>to compete against a sysadm of a university or even a corporation lan?
>It JUST ain't fair.

Trying to clasify users into groups would not be fair because there would 
always be somebody at the bottom of the group. Instead, the stats let you 
look at your current "neighbors" that all have shown about the same 
processing power as you. The challenge is to try to climb above your 
neighbors. Of course, if you are successfull you'll climb into a new 
group of neighbors and a new challange starts.

-- Dan Oetting

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