[RC5] main power?

Bischoff, Alex Alex.Bischoff at xpedior.com
Wed Jan 3 11:46:12 EST 2001

> i run dnetc on my laptop sometimes and i have the laptop 
> configured to remain on when the cover is closed.  i used to 
> be able to close the laptop, unplug, and take it home and all 
> the while it would cut keys.  now it pauses when i unplug the 
> power.  why?

Goto options (1) ("General Client Options"), then (9) ("Pause if running on
battery power?"). You can change that value, if you like.

There is a reasoning to this "madness", though. With the client running, the
CPU is at a constant 100% usage. And, many laptops go into power-save mode
(such as by down-clocking the CPU on-the-fly) when it detects that CPU usage
is not fully utilized.

So, if you set that option to "No", your client should continue to crunch
keys, even on battery power. But, don't expect your battery life to be as
long ;). 

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