[RC5] Stats suggestion

Flower floweros at golia.opsynet.com
Fri Jan 5 08:14:30 EST 2001

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001 bwilson at fers.com wrote:

> I can think of three ways to implement this:
> 1)  In addition to other stats, calculate the sum(today-N...today) and
> divide by N.  Problem:  Heavy use of the historical table.
> 2)  Keep a running-total field.  Add in "today" work, then subtract out
> (today-N) work (if any).  Problem:  Still requires accessing the
> historical work table, but minimizes the amount of data to be retrieved,
> and localizes it to a single historical day.
> 3)  Maintain a separate table containing work from (today-N...today).  Add
> today-work in as with the "historical work" table, and delete anything
> older than (today - N).  Problem:  Disk space, adds to the complexity of
> recovering from problems in stats, adds significantly to the complexity of
> handling retires, team joins, etc.
> I think option (2) is probably the safest choice, but it's not really an
> option until we get SBIII into production.  We have lots of "priorities"
> for stats, too, so it's hard to say how soon we could implement this.  We
> do consider that statistic an attractive one, both from our perspective
> and for the users, so it's likely to happen at some point.

Here is another one:

Make a sum a do a division _once_. After that take that value divide it by
a factor (or make a logarithm to be more natural) and medium this to the
today value. This keeps the historical data in their place and will give
us a ponderated (by time) media of each work.


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