[RC5] Stats suggestion

Dan Oetting dan_oetting at uswest.net
Fri Jan 5 13:22:50 EST 2001

on 1/5/01 6:36 AM, bwilson at fers.com wrote:

>Wow, great idea.  That would solve all of my issues, and would only
>require one additional field per participant/team.  Thanks also to Flower
>for suggesting the same thing, though yours was a lot easier to
>It sounds like there would be a somewhat complex "catch-up" process to get
>all the averages into place.
>Do you have a formula handy for calculating k1 and k2 to obtain a given
>>todays_avg = k1 * yesterdays_avg + k2 * todays_count;

If todays count equals yesterdays average the average should not change:

     average = k1 * average + k2 * average
     k2 = 1-k1

The decayed rate after N days assuming new processing has stopped is:

     todays_average/N_days_ago_agerage  =  k1^N

so we can compute k1 for any half life as:

     k1 = 0.5^(1/N)

-- Dan O.
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