[RC5] Stats suggestion

Ben Clifford benc at hawaga.org.uk
Fri Jan 5 21:37:40 EST 2001

> Now, what would be *really* nice is if people could choose their own
> halflife (or halflives) for their own records (maybe two counters of that)
> and then a global ranked counter with a fixed halflife (perhaps a 15-day or
> 30-day). Might not be too hard, seeing as how that only requires an extra
> number or two in the user data for each own-record halflife. 

The value could be stored in decay-constant form - this would save
computation during the stats run making it only a little more compute
intensive than with fixed constant. 

Can someone in the know comment on how much data (in bytes) is stored per
participant and per participant-day at the moment?

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