[RC5] Stats suggestion

Stephen Garrison garrison at ChE.UDel.Edu
Fri Jan 5 16:30:10 EST 2001

Ok here are a couple of unscientific, but reasonable (atleast to me) ways
to do set the initial "weighted average" rate for current participants
with my vote being for option (1).

(1) Simplest: 
	Just use the participants current, unweighted, overall average.

Drawbacks: It will take time for someone with a large difference between
their current rate and their overall rate to reach the "correct" value.

(2) Simplest:
	Just use the participants current day's rate.

This is like saying everyone started the same day and doesn't take into
past work.

Drawbacks: Sneakernetters who didn't submit blocks the day this starts
will start with a value of zero. People hoarding blocks will start out
with a large number if they happen to submit their blocks on the right

(3) Not quite as simple:
	Arithmatic average the participants current rate and overall rate.

This helps the people with higher current rates than their overall,
unweighted average reach the "correct" rate sooner.

Drawbacks: People with larger overall rates will have a higher rate than
is "correct". (Is this really a bad thing? Everyone likes to feel good
about themselves.)

Just my thoughts on the subject.

On Fri, 5 Jan 2001, Ben Clifford wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Jan 2001, Dan Petrak wrote:
> > The "catch up" that you're thinking of...  Does this mean you can't just
> > suppress the field until the participant has been active for enough days to
> > generate the first decay period?
> No, the problem is that we need to compute an initial value for everyone
> who is currently a participant - this needs a lot of CPU time. If this is
> not done, then everyone starts off at 0 as if they hadn't been working for
> the past 3 years.

Stephen Garrison

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