[RC5] stats server?

Teemu Mannermaa wicked at clinet.fi
Sat Jan 6 17:03:30 EST 2001

G & E Holt wrote:

> I am getting ready to put another computer on my network soon, a 1 Gig
> T-Bird...  more blocks! :-)

I have one of those working for me (actually it's the computer that I'm
using right now) and it really improved my keyrate. This machine is
doing one 32*2^28 packet in 40 minutes when I'm not working on it.
That's about 3.5 MKeys1/sec. Quite nice, considering that I had to
increasy my Personal Proxy buffers from 300 to 1500 to keep all my
machines happy (for one day). :-)
Wicked Jack, wicked at clinet.fi, http://www.pp.clinet.fi/%7ewicked/
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