[RC5] Re: Wierd problem with win32 Client.

boris59 at gmx.net boris59 at gmx.net
Mon Jan 8 07:32:36 EST 2001

> Hi,

> I use the client in a DOS Box, and start it manually
> every time my PC boots, via Start --> Run.
> Sometimes (around 1 in 5 times), when I run the
> program this way, There is nothing displayed by the
> program, and no key crunching takes place, however,
> hitting CTRL-C in the DOS box causes the client to
> display all of it's startup messages, begin crunching,
> and then immediately shut down.  Running the client
> again seems to work OK.
> Has anyone else seen this problem, if so, is there any
> way of fixing it??
Windows DOS boxes have the option to mark an area with 
the mouse and copy it to the clipboard by pressing 
<ENTER>. When a part is marked, the program is paused. 
Try pressing <ENTER> when it happens again.

Bjoern (Team #6941)

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