[RC5] Re: Wierd problem with win32 Client.

Arne Heizmann ajh65 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Mon Jan 8 14:19:37 EST 2001

> > Hi,
> Hi.

> [...]
> > I use the client in a DOS Box, and start it manually
> > every time my PC boots, via Start --> Run.
> > 
> > Sometimes (around 1 in 5 times), when I run the
> > program this way, There is nothing displayed by the
> > program, and no key crunching takes place, however,
> > hitting CTRL-C in the DOS box causes the client to
> > display all of it's startup messages, begin crunching,
> > and then immediately shut down.  Running the client
> > again seems to work OK.
> > 
> > Has anyone else seen this problem, if so, is there any
> > way of fixing it??
> Windows DOS boxes have the option to mark an area with 
> the mouse and copy it to the clipboard by pressing 
> <ENTER>. When a part is marked, the program is paused. 
> Try pressing <ENTER> when it happens again.

But maybe it's something else. How do you know no key crunching is taking
place? Do you have a program that measures its CPU usage? If not, maybe
key crunching IS taking place and keeping Windows busy so it doesn't feel
the necessity to update the window. Maybe pressing <ENTER> will make
Windows update the window and solve this too. Alternatively you can press
<ALT>+<ENTER> to show the text mode full screen.

However, may I ask why you are using the one that runs in a text mode
window? Why don't you use the other one (dnetc.exe rather than dnetc.com);
it requires less CPU time to update the window, and it can be minimized
into the system tray.

Also, is there any particular reason why you don't put it in your startup
folder but run it manually every time?


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