[RC5] Stats suggestion

Aaron Nielsen aaronni at phoenixdsl.com
Mon Jan 8 08:24:53 EST 2001

> another though (which should be posted in a separate thread...),
> personally I'd like to see log-by-email on the perproxies, this way
> I don't have to receive mails from all the clients, as I can see
> whether or not they are doing any work from the proxylogs... I find
> it odd that I can't remember anybodyelse requesting this.... am I
> so strange, that I'm the only one?

Why not use one of the Third-party add-on utilities for client or proxy
(http://www.distributed.net/download/addon.html), that is if you are running
your own Personal Proxy. I personally use Kevin Pesce's Personal Proxy
Statistics Perl Stats analyzer and PPStats generation using the PHP servers-side
web scripting by M.Bakker. These two work great on Linux. Win32 stats generators
are also available.

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