[RC5] Another request

Ben Clifford benc at hawaga.org.uk
Mon Jan 8 18:01:06 EST 2001

On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Franklin Eekhout wrote:

> > Nice one, but aren't you missing the zeros then? d.net doesn't list the
> > days you had a zero. If you use the date for the x axis on your graph, and
> > suppose you have done 1000 blocks on Jan 1st and 2000 on Jan 3rd, your
> > excel graph will show 1500 on Jan 2nd... doesn't it?
> Don't know, does it matter? The formula calulates using the date, it seems.
> What does the originator of the Excel file have to say, or a maths guy?
> Sorry I haven't got the file, names or math ability here... :-)

Yes, it most definitely matters: If I have done 1000 blocks on day 1 and
2000 blocks on day 3, then I am averaging (1000+2000)/2 = 1500 blocks per
day, right?

Nope, I am averaging (1000+0+2000)/3 = 1000 blocks a day.

And the more missed days, the worse it gets - if I am only submitting once
every 7 days, that would incorrectly give me a rate 7 times as high as it
should be.

It is difficult for Excel to know what to do if there is a missing day -
if it was a graph of, for example, the growth the height of a child, it
would be a reasonable approximation to assume that if he is 100cm tall one
day and 102cm tall two days later, then he would be about 101cm tall the
next day.

But in this case, if there is a missing date, it is because no blocks
completed on that day, rather than statsbox failing to report what
happened that day.

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