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Niels Teglsbo Teglsbo at image.dk
Wed Jan 10 02:42:58 EST 2001

It seems like this message didn't make it when I mailed it "Tue, 09 Jan
2001 01:02:43 +0100", I didn't receive it, and it's not in the archive.
So here it goes again:

On Mon, 08 Jan 2001 12:35:04 -0800 you, Blain Nelson
<blainn13 at earthlink.net> wrote:

> Niels Teglsbo wrote:
> > It's probably possible to make an average function in Excel, using some
> > scripting, that will take care of the missing days.
> What scripting?

Visual Basic, Excel's macro language.

> Excel can think in dates, versus just counting the
> number of entries (at least Quatro Pro can, and I'm sure the spreadsheet
> of the anti-Christ would be able to do such a simple thing) so you can
> have it just measure the days from the first (or first applicable) to
> current date (or target date) and divide the total blocks by that time.

Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing to calculate the total running

The problems came when I tried to calculate averages for eg. the last 90
days. But now I've just solved that too, Excel has a function that will
sum numbers on a condition [1], so I use that to sum the number of
blocks for dates that are not too far back, eg. more than 30 days back,
to calculate the regular 30 day average. It's pretty ugly because the
condition needs to be text, so I had to calculate the earliest date I
wanted to sum for, translate that to a number written in 
text and use a text-concat-function to concat it with ">".

The new version with the averages for my real data is at

[1] I have a Danish version of Excel, so you wouldn't win much by
getting the Danish names of the functions.

Best regards
Niels, The Offspring Mailinglist www.image.dk/~teglsbo
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