[RC5] New (win-465) client

Stephan Wonczak sws at sherlock.pc.uni-koeln.de
Wed Jan 10 15:36:19 EST 2001

  Hi Gang!
  I just looked over the new client (I really should check for new
versions more often!), and I like the new style of the progress indicator.
It is really more useful than the percentage done (for OGR). 

  Maybe there could be even more options for the display style, at least I
have one or two suggestions:
  - in addition to the current rate, display an average rate (or make this
  - display the number of nodes done (this should be easy, since they have
to be counted anyway).
  - maybe display an estimate of how many nodes in this particular OGR
stub. (maybe along with the old-style percentage) 
  - introduce an update timer for the display (every x seconds, something
between 5 and 500 s)
  For the linear projects like RC5 these numbers should be even easier to

  The visual display is very nice, too. One question, hovever: What is 
'plot impurity' supposed to do? I cannot see any effect with or without
this setting.
  Again, it would be nice to have the values mentioned above to be
displyed there somewhere. Also, without a scale the graph is more or less
'eye candy' ... some kind of scale should be displayed on the left.

  I now declare these suggestions open for discussion and ready for
destruction :-)

		C U, Stephan
   "I haven't lost my mind; I know exactly where I left it."
   "The meaning of my life is to make me crazy"

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