[RC5] Losing lot of time with a computer crash

Ben Brockert benb at iastate.edu
Mon Jan 8 16:34:20 EST 2001

Aaron Nielsen wrote:
> If you are having allot of computer crashes use the checkpoint feature. It is in
> "Buffer and Buffer Update Options". Enter a file name for it to use, I use
> chkpoint.net.
> The client writes its status to this file while crunching stubs/blocks. The file
> is deleted when the client exits normally. If the file is detected when the
> client starts, the client will recover the block it was working on last.

Anybody know how much this hurts the performance? It must to some
degree. I started using it on my old slow computer that crashed a lot
(crashing at 75% of an OGR block sucks) and I've kept doing it, even
though now the RC5 blocks always take less than the equivalent of three
minutes. Would it be more efficient to turn this off when I'm roasting
through RC5, but on when I'm trying to stay #1 on my team in OGR?


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