[RC5] New version

Steve Clark steevc at MailAndNews.com
Tue Jan 9 14:54:00 EST 2001

Well at last we see a new version of the Cow.

The good
1. A GUI interface for those who like such things. It makes it a little
easier to show people what's going on.
2. Menus
3. OGR looks to be several percent faster :-)

The not so good/queries
1. I think the OGR Crunch-o-meter should use the absolute measure in
auto-sense as this gives you more idea of how much has been done. The
rate is not generally going to vary much.
2. Could the Core Throughput view update the buffer counts without
having to finish the current block? In OGR I only manage a block or 2 a
day whilst others are working on the same buffers.
3. Wot's Plot Impurity?

While I'm here I'll have a little rant ;-)

1. How come Dnet never tell anyone when there's a new version? You have
to be on the Anandtech forum or check the .plans.

2. Why are the OGR plots not updating since early December?

3. Why has there been nothing on the Announce list for nearly 2 years?!
I'm sure nobody would object to a monthly update on what's happening.

Rant mode off


I hate to see a processor idle

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