[RC5] Wierd problem with win32 Client.

John R T Brazier prunesquallor at proproco.co.uk
Mon Jan 8 21:30:55 EST 2001


I'm seeing something similar on one machine (running
V2.8007-458-CTR-00021306 on Win98 SE, Windows 4.10). Until a week ago it ran
fine, sharing buffer files over the LAN with several other machines, with
its own executable, INI and checkpoint files also remote on the server. I
start it up via a shortcut, as under certain conditions I don't want dnet
starting on a boot.

An unknown (!) event happened a week ago on the machine, in that its
dial-out capabilities were fouled up. Since then, despite doth a dnet and
Windows 98 rebuild, this machine refuses to start up dnet, even though an
identical shortcut with the '- config' switch added starts up the
configuration perfectly. Weird. I'm now about to see if it'll work locally.

All the best,


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I am using (amongst others), the Win32 Client (dnetc
for Win32 (Windows 4.10)), on a Windows 98/SE PC.  I use the client in a DOS
Box, and start it manually every time my PC boots, via Start --> Run.

Sometimes (around 1 in 5 times), when I run the program this way, There is
nothing displayed by the program, and no key crunching takes place, however,
hitting CTRL-C in the DOS box causes the client to display all of it's
messages, begin crunching, and then immediately shut down.  Running the
again seems to work OK.

Has anyone else seen this problem, if so, is there any way of fixing it??
Regards, Mike Insch, CCA, DipHE                        | www.vofka.co.uk

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