[RC5] New version

Charles Clark cmc+dnet at ralf.org
Wed Jan 10 14:04:20 EST 2001

> From:     Steve Clark <steevc at mailandnews.com>

> The good
> 1. A GUI interface for those who like such things. It makes it a little
> easier to show people what's going on.
> 2. Menus

It did have menus before; holding down right button would bring pop-up
menu. Not that I don't prefer the new regular menus ...

> The not so good/queries
> 1. I think the OGR Crunch-o-meter should use the absolute measure in
> auto-sense as this gives you more idea of how much has been done. The
> rate is not generally going to vary much.

I'd have to agree with this one.

> 1. How come Dnet never tell anyone when there's a new version? You have
> to be on the Anandtech forum or check the .plans.

Subscribe to the .plans list.

> 3. Why has there been nothing on the Announce list for nearly 2 years?!
> I'm sure nobody would object to a monthly update on what's happening.

Apparently the d.net priciples don't want to use the announce list lest
people unsubscribe from it and miss a *really important* announcement,
so it has not been used in 3 years. I guess something like a yearly
update or the start of OGR processing is not important enough to risk a
few people unsubscribing, or they are afraid of how many addresses on
the list will bounce since it has been dormant for so long ;)

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